SSSB thematic day on soil structure and compaction

Detection, monitoring and management of soil structure and compaction

Friday November 26th, 2021 9:15-12:30

Please find the full recorded oral presentations and posters and abstracts here.

We explored how to characterize and monitor soil structure and treat the challenges around the widespread problem of soil compaction and soil structural loss: prevention, detection, monitoring and management.

Soil compaction is one of the main physical threats to soil and largely results from the use of agricultural machinery, often in combination with wet soil. Halting soil degradation was put forward by the United Nations as one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 15). The phenomenon not only has negative consequences for rooting, nutrient uptake and consequently crop yield, but also compromises good water management. A compacted soil, after all, prevents the proper drainage of water in wet periods and makes it difficult for moisture to rise from deeper layers in dry conditions.

During this thematic day, we explored ongoing research on prevention, detection, monitoring and remediation of soil structural loss and compaction and its underlying processes.

picture Alejandro Romero Ruiz

Keynote talk by Alejandro Romero-Ruiz / Methods for Field-Scale Characterization of Soil Structure

Alejandro is a postdoctoral scientist at Rothamsted Research (UK). He obtained his PhD from the University of Lausanne in 2021, in which he studied the impact of soil compaction on soil hydraulic and mechanical properties at the plot scale by combining hydrological modeling and field monitoring of geophysical data. His current research focuses on the impacts of soil compaction in grasslands resulting from animal treading.


9:30Romero-RuizRothamsted/ETHKeynote: Geophysical method for field-scale soil structure characterization
10:00LinUGentAssessment of soil structural quality across different textures with visual and soil physical analysis methods
10:20AnseeuwVIVESTowards a common VSA standard for Flanders
10:40VanderhasseltILVORemediation of subsoil compaction by subsoiling and deep rooting crops
11:00-11:20coffee break
11:20HardyCRAwThe QuantiSlake test : a new simple method to evaluate soil structural stability
11:30PirlotGxABTMonitoring the temporal evolution of the soil structure of three innovative production systems in the field
11:40Ten DammeSLUAccounting for traction effects for improved assessment of the risk of soil compaction
11:50-11:55short break
11:55VandekerckhoveBDBRemediation of subsoil compaction by deep tillage
12:05Mendoza VeiranaUGentA theoretical improvement of soil pedophysical permittivity models
12:15PeitenUAEcological and hydrological functioning of compacted and non-compacted topographical depressions in agroscapes

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