2021 Thematic day on soil structure and compaction

Oral Presentations

Alejandro Romero-Ruiz Keynote: Geophysical method for field-scale soil structure characterization
Lin Lin: Assessment of soil structural quality across different textures with visual and soil physical analysis methods
Dieter Anseeuw: Towards a common VSA standard for Flanders
Adriaan Vanderhasselt: Remediation of subsoil compaction by subsoiling and deep rooting crops


Hardy and Vandewinkens 2021. The Quantislake test: a new, simple method to evaluate soil structural stability.
Pirlot et al. 2021. Monitoring the temporal evolution of soil structure in three innovative production systems in the field.
ten Damme et al. (2021) Accounting for traction effects for improved assessment of the risk of soil compaction
Vandekerckhove et al. 2021. Remediation of subsoil compaction by subsoiling.
Mendoza Veirana et al. 2021. A theoretical improvement to soil pedophysical permittivity models.
Peiten et al. 2021 Ecological and hydrological functioning of compacted and noncompacted topographical depressions in agroscapes.

Book of abstracts