• Geophysics and agriculture: an electrical meeting
    | 2nd Agrogeophysics seminar | After the success of the first edition ‘Geophysics & Agriculture: the perfect match?’ in 2020, we are pleased to give you all a new opportunity to exchange knowledge, good practices, and passion on current trending topics in agrogeophysics. When applied to agriculture, geophysics targets physical quantities (resistivity, permittivity,elastic moduli …) …
  • De bodemschep
    Het programma Grond+zaken nomineert samen met lokale partners concrete projecten die de kwaliteit van de bodem kunnen verbeteren voor de prestigueuze Bodemschep. De Bodemschep is een tweemaandelijkse prijsuitreiking, waarbij we goede bodembeheerpraktijken in de kijker zetten. In het programmateam Grond+zaken zitten afgevaardigden van: het departement Omgeving, de OVAM, de Vlaamse Landmaatschappij, het Instituut voor Landbouw- …
  • SSSB thematic day on soil structure and compaction
    Detection, monitoring and management of soil structure and compaction Friday November 26th, 2021 9:15-12:30ONLINE Please find the full recorded oral presentations and posters and abstracts here. We explored how to characterize and monitor soil structure and treat the challenges around the widespread problem of soil compaction and soil structural loss: prevention, detection, monitoring and management. …

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Our Vice-President Karen Vancampenhout was present in Interne keuken.