SSSB excursion 2023 to the Northern Campine

Date: 12 May 2023 – a big thanks to the organizers & all attending!

Excursion guide & further info now available

Original announcement

We are very pleased to announce that – after digging ourselves out of the swamp of the corona pandemic – our society’s annual excursion in May is back in full force! For this joyful occasion, we have prepared quite a show for you!

Our excursion will include:

  • Geo-archeological excavations in the cover sands of Lommel Kristalpark: during this visit Prof. Bart Vanmontfort and Dr. Marjolein Visser will unearth on the remnants of a hunter-gatherers society from late -glacial to early Holocene times. The excavations with huge horizontal sections not only show early human history, but also reveal numerous late-glacial soil- and terrain features which have marked past and present soil genesis. Take a stroll through truly spectacular Podzols and Allerød ice-features, set foot in a prehistoric camp or take refuge in a 20th century ammunition bunker.
  • University forest Beverbeek, Hamont-Achel: Dr. Stefaan Dondeyne will take us on a below-ground trip to the Middle-Ages with Plaggic Anthrosols along with related landscape and land use features (Pine forest with human disturbed Podzols; forest conversion, wetlands with bog myrtle and outfields separated from the infields by a ditch and an earthen bank (Dutch: ‘wolvensprong ’).
  • A step over the border to the ‘Kraanvenne’ nature reserve with shifting dunes and Heathlands
  • A final stop at Achel Kluis for our society’s famous ‘Sundowner’!

Registration & fee

The excursion is exclusive to members, so the fee is 60 Euro for members, or 60 Euro + membership for people who are not yet members. This fee includes access to the profiles, excursion guide, transportation, and drink during the ‘Sundowner’.

Registrations are open NOW, so get ready to ‘get some sand in your shoes’! The number of participants is restricted for practical reasons, registration will be handled on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis.